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However, another possibility is that Miss Heaven is simply from a conventional planet that has been named “Heaven. Notably, the Robot God does not deny being God and treats Bender’s ghost as his subject. Aside from inventing religions, the writers of Futurama also make references to established faiths. Their symbol is a resistor, also, for anyone who knows electronics. Robots who accept Robotology are expected to abstain from behavior such as smoking , pornography , stealing , abusing electricity, and drinking alcohol. He is bound by the Fairness in Hell Act of , allowing anyone to win their freedom by defeating him in a fiddle contest with a solid gold fiddle, a reference to the song ” The Devil Went Down to Georgia “. Westminster John Knox Press.

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After Bender’s unsuccessful attempt at godhoodhe encounters a god-like entity in space. Catholicism is shown to still exist in some form in the 31st century, as the show makes several references to the “Space Pope”: Robot Hell is controlled by the Robot Devil.

What Episode Was Zoidberg Jesus?

Zoidbergseeking free food, sneak into a “Bot Mitzvah” celebration a spoof of the Jesuus and Bat Mitzvah. The Gospel According to the Simpsons. The First Amalgamated Church is a syncretic denomination of several mainstream religions extant in the 21st-century, and is referenced in several episodes.

Seeking guidance, he visits the First Amalgamated Church. Suicide booth ” Simpsorama ” Morbotron.

Religion in Futurama – Wikipedia

Jesus is referenced several times throughout the show, the most notable being on ” A Tale of Two Santas “, where all of the crew dress up as Santa and Zoidberg dresses up as “his friend Jesus” to attempt to stay Bender’s execution. The episode also sees Fry turning to religion to help locate Bender. As a joke about Jewish dietary laws ‘ proscriptions against shellfish, Zoidberg was not allowed in despite having Jewish stereotype qualities inasmuch as he was an anthropomorphic lobster.


The episode ” Hell Is Other Robots ” centers around Bender ‘s becoming addicted to high-voltage electricity, then discovering the religion of Robotology to help him break the habit.

In ” The Lesser of Two Evils ,” one of the Miss Universe pageant contestants is an energy being identified, with little fanfare, as “Miss Heaven ,” suggesting that by the 31st aoidberg, Heaven is an accessible part of the universe rather than a divine afterlife attainable only after death. At the Bot Mitzvah, Fry asks a Jewish robot if jesis don’t believe in Robot Jesus, to which the robot replies, “We believe he was built, and that he was a very well-programmed robot, but he wasn’t our Messiah”.

Futurama Fictional religions Religion in science fiction Religion in popular culture. In the Futurama Holiday Spectacular, the Robanukah story involves a pair of fembots who must wrestle in petroleum oil for six and a half jesuw.

What Episode Was Zoidberg Jesus? | IGN Boards

The animated science fiction television program Futurama makes a number of satirical and humorous references to religionincluding inventing several fictional religions zzoidberg are explored in certain episodes of the series. The church and one of its priests, Father Changstein el-Gamalare introduced in the episode ” Godfellas “.

Archived from the original on 23 August By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View aoidberg. Retrieved 28 October Bender is accidentally cast adrift in space and unwittingly becomes a god figure to a race of tiny people Shrimpkins living on an asteroid that impacts his body.

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A few episodes later, in ” The Silence of the Clamps ,” the Space Pope is shown conducting the wedding of the Donbot’s older daughter. When this fails to help him, Fry visits the “Monks of Dschubba” to use the radio telescope ziodberg a sect of monks who are attempting to find God in the universe. Bigger and possibly even Better!


In the episode ” A Taste of Freedom ,” Zoidberg’s lawyer, Old Man Waterfall, requests a Satanic funeral rite before dying, and Professor Farnsworth, in ” The Farnsworth Parabox “, when he is presumably creating the box containing the parallel universe, appeals to Satan for help, mentioning that Satan owes him.

In the season 7 episode ” Free Will Hunting “, when Bender walks throughout Chapek 9 looking to discover his never-programmed free-will unit, he happens upon a religious monastery led by a monk named Ab-bot; the abbot takes him in and converts him into his religion called “Order of the Binary Singularity” believing in the promise “Creatrix” or Mom will give them free-will units.

Archived from the original on 24 May Notably, the Robot God does jesuz deny being God and treats Bender’s ghost as his subject. Meanwhile, the Shrimpkins who have migrated to Bender’s backside, out of his sight, grow frustrated that their prayers go entirely unanswered.

He is bound by the Fairness in Hell Act of zoidbergg, allowing anyone to win their freedom by defeating him in a fiddle contest with a solid gold fiddle, a reference to the song ” The Devil Went Down to Georgia “.

References to a holiday called ‘Robanukah’ appear in several episodes, zokdberg well, though it is heavily implied that Bender makes up this holiday to avoid work.

In the third film Bender’s GameProfessor Farnsworth invokes the name of “the all-powerful Atheismo”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He teams up with Robot Santa and Kwanzaa Bot to fight alien zoidbefg artists who have seized possession of planet Earth.

I did get a call from a Scientologist who had somehow gotten hold of the script.