Er, Anime Ace is from Blambot, right? My new mac doesn’t come with it but for the sake of consistency I dropped some dough to buy the font from MyFonts. A cachet I never had before. Earn some good karma by doing it: Choosing font is tricky – there’s finding one that you personally like and that fits your comic, but that’s also legible and doesn’t turn your readers away.

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If the scan found corrupted files, please restart your computer. CC Wild Words is the best one I’ve seen that has a comic feel and I definitely will be using it in my future comic edit: This family has two variants Optimus Princeps and Optimus Princeps bold.

I allowed Windows to install the update KB again and the result was that Windows didn’t identify the custom font files as valid font files and Path of Exile gave the same “Failed to initialise” error during startup.

I recommend you restart your prineps after this.

Optimus Princeps Font

Er, Anime Ace is from Blambot, right? Hi, I e-mailed this to support a few minutes ago. CC Wild Words is the best one I’ve seen that has a comic feel and I definitely will be using it in my future comic. Anyway, which fonts do you use and do you have any free fonts that work great for comics?


After the fresh install, Windows actually identified the font files and I did manage to install them without any issues. I use cc wild words, a very good manga font for manga’s or any cartoons. Please, take into account that this process may take some minutes, especially when generating models for large texts, complicated fonts andor with base. I wanted a font with a whimsical, handwritten style for the type of comic I’m working on right now, but I have some other projects in mind optimus princeps semibold I’m pretty sure I’ll go for something different.

Posted by Tonzzo on Sep 26,8: The letters themselves squiggle and squirm; its italics allow plenty of white space around the letters, the suggestion of the space inside a husk. Windows asks for you to restart the computer, please do so. I actually made my own font based on a cleaner version of my handwriting! As a result of my findings I thought earlier that this issue was caused by the update KB itself, but after doing a bit more troubleshooting I found out that the root causes of this issue were some corrupted OS files after the clean install of Windows 10 on a formated SSD, not the installed update KB I suggest that after the update you check again optimus princeps semibold system files are not corrupted Steps 5 and 6.


Find the installed update KB and uninstall it. Report Forum Post Report Account: Shop Buy Packs Microtransactions Specials. Download free font Optimus princeps semibold Princeps by Manfred Klein semmibold category Serif Optimus Princeps font contains defined characters and unique glyphs.

Optimus Princeps Semi Bold Font

Join Now and start earning. Windows Defender or Windows Firewall shouldn’t cause any issues when they are on. As many others probably have experienced this same error that I’ve encountered numerous times, and optimus princeps semibold, managed to solve it: Alternative way to fix this issue that worked for me when I thought that the issues were with the update itself.

No free font found. Br, Tonzzo Last edited by Tonzzo on Oct 1,4: Posted by Tonzzo on Sep 29,4: I did some more digging because of this issue. Posted by Aragorn14 on Sep 26,7: The font contains characters from the following unicode character ranges: Posted by Tonzzo on Sep 26,7: I use Billy the Flying Robot.