Please do reduce it even for a bit. Being a wolf he should get the power to reveal his enemy in whole map for a few seconds Thnx for reading that: And somehow improve Pandaren’s Manapool. Davion – summons 2 extra small dragons when using ulti 3.

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Huskar is strong with his 3rd skill. As for Slark, he is squishy so without the regen he’ll just be a feed.

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With some of them in changeable mode can work single or together with other wards of it’s kind, can switch effects. Please remove the healing of towers He can even kill 5 heroes all by himself provided mmap good items. Bane Hollow – increasing senses temporarily revealing all enemy heroes location on the odta.

Don’t you think viper’s corrosive skin is too much? Hey icefrog please remove murloc’s ult passive it is too imba not to mention his 3rd skill passive.


Very very very hard to kill, especially for skill users like Tinker, Zeus, Akasha, etc. I agree with aghanim for banehallow Can I suggest a kind if Int hero with all abilities based on creating specific wards?. Just don’t make .678 fat. Thanks for the ulti of Omni, Nortrom, Ancient. Being a wolf he should get the power to reveal his enemy in whole map for a few seconds Davion – summons dota map 6.78 b extra small dragons when using ulti 3.

Either one of them can somehow be improved. Please do reduce dotta even for a bit. Get Updates via Email! Magina – improves AOE and drains remaining mana 2.

Dota Ai 6.78c Download

Please v put an armor for wisp or maybe increase it’s strength. And doesn’t last long in Battles. New skill means new build.

Isn’t the manacost of Ryla’s ulti too high? Azwraith – immediately produces two illusions when attacked by a skill 4. Improve the casting speed of Lina Inverse’s stun.


Too slow, giving enemy advantage of everything. Wisp already has a low hp and 0 armor. Huskar’s 3rd skill is too imba. May I request for aghanims upgrade for heroes: Then after that he starts chasing me and kills me. PLS make awesome heroes in 6. And somehow improve Pandaren’s Manapool.

In all seriousness why does lion have his ult cooldown on 20s isn’t that a free kill every 20 seconds now c’mon that just sucks its already hard to kill a lion dota map 6.78 b all his disables and now we got a 20s finger lion seriously is too much: In fact I already used sonic wave on him and still alive? Thnx for reading that: