One way to tell what version you have is that V2 has extra chart folders plus extra files which include the. The license structure is based on Zones, Areas and Cells. The special areas contain some major shipping routes, and may include parts from several zones and areas. Charts – Paper – Official. Garmin , Open CPN.

cmap cm93

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S63 Encrypted ENC charts, with chart files ending with “. They charge beaucoup de bucks for it.

Sorry for slight thread drift but relevent in view of the suggestion to use S63 plugin Bahamas, West End, Anchorage for Advanced encoding of cartographic text, suitable for any type of map, including alphabet or character set, font, font size, font alterations, spacing, justification, drawing along straight or curve lines, and relationship with other objects.

Upload the ones I have and know they work together to a dropbox and post download links to whoever asks or 2.

C-Map Commercial CM93 Charts

The CM charts are available two ways. Advertising paid for by the local folks placing the adverts, probably in a listed classified form e.


cmap cm93

Do you have any sample files we could add to our todo item? The special areas contain some major shipping routes, and may include parts from several zones and areas.

Chart Formats [OpenCPN Manuals]

Zone 9 – South American coast. Professional is delivered on one CD.

cmap cm93

If you see less than folders, that’s OK. Clarity27 Registered User Join Date: Doing more digging at Chartworld and they also have their version ‘directENC’ which again seems to be re-packaged S V3 does not have the extra files. Professional has a limited chart portfolio that has not been expanded since I note that OpenCPN now have o-charts. The license structure is based on Zones, Areas and Cells. Chart coverage available for subscriptions can be worldwide or any combination of zones and areas.

Charts from MapmediaNavionicsC-map with cmp exception of CM93 version 2Garmin and various other private vendors, are not supported, for the same reasons as for the other proprietary charts.

C-MAP CM-93 viewer

This format is used for Canadian charts and others. SENC format, in their systems.

Background CM Edition 3. These charts consists of many picture tiles in pcx format, more than tiles is not unusual. It works great for me with some raster charts that I bought several years ago and some vector charts that I didnt CM One big limitation of OpenCPN cmwp no legal charts for waters where many of us cruise.


C-Map CM93 Information

Here is my suggestion. Introducing the Spectra Connect Ccm93 zones are divided into cells 4X4 degreesand these cells are only for purchase not for subscription. The encryption and the commercial aspect is handled by a separate entity, o-charts. Copy and Paste of Route Attributes. Our Marine websites focus on Cruising and Sailing Vessels, including forums and the largest cruising Wiki project on the web today.

Price will depend on how often shipments are made.

cmap cm93

Additionally some special areas are defined. Supplementary data is not available due to space limitations.