Retrieved October 24, Waits seems to have had trouble interesting a record label in the album, which was cut 13 months before it was released, but when it appeared, rock critics predictably raved: Gin Soaked Boy Tom Waits. Town With No Cheer. Weiss Step Right Up:

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He whispers, yells, croons and yearns across the record. Recorded by Tim Boyle and Biff Dawes.

Retrieved November 17, Shore Leave Tom Waits. Waits seems to have had trouble interesting a record label in the album, which was cut 13 months before it was released, but when it appeared, rock critics predictably raved: Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

Considering the colourful and enigmatic music that was to come from Waits in future years, Closing Time has always felt like something of a youthful misfire from an uncertain man. One from the Heart Actually, it did make the bottom of the best-seller charts, like most of Waits ‘ tom waits swordfishtrombones, and now that he was with a label based in Europe, even charted there.

Views Read Edit View history. And he drastically altered a musical approach that had become as dependable as it was unexciting.


The Quietus | Features | Anniversary | Moving On: Tom Waits’ Swordfishtrombones Revisited

The album peaked at on the Billboard Pop Albums and albums charts. Hit this link to find out more and keep on Black Sky Thinking. Wherever bizarre, deep and dark lives go unsung, the spirit of Swordfishtrombones lives on. The Rolling Stone Album Guide. Slant Magazine listed the album at 26 on its list of “Best Albums of the ‘s”.


Down, Down, Down Tom Waits. Just Another Sucker on the Vine. Live waiits Austin Glitter and Doom Live. It did little tom waits swordfishtrombones expand the aural palettes of popular music, it triggered no major movement to speak of, and if anything lost Tom Waits a sizeable chunk of his own dedicated if rather dull following.

Johnsburg, Illinois Tom Waits. US Billboard [20].

Swordfishtrombones – Wikipedia

Scattered across his canon up until this point there are a handful of small-scale experiments and diversions from his piano-driven schmaltz. Artistically, Swordfishtrombones marked an evolution of which Waits had not seemed capable though there were hints of this sound on his last two Asylum albumsand in career terms it reinvented him. Swordfishtrombojes Things Tom Waits.

Swordfishtrombones Studio album by Tom Waits. But Melvoin also believes Brennan “put a stake through the heart of various things” in order to free Waits from his past. Retrieved 13 March tom waits swordfishtrombones His gradually boozier persona of the jazz club philosopher spent the remaining 70s touring, eating bad food and quietly churning out repetitive and derivative song tom waits swordfishtrombones that took aesthetic cues from the corner of Tin Pan Alley and Harlem.


Swordfishtrombones is essentially composed of fifteen differing and yet related vignettes, detailing fifteen disparate tales from waitw real world. Retrieved 6 April Town With No Cheer.

The patchwork of styles assimilated into Swordfishtrombones does contain a handful of unifying threads. Retrieved 14 August Support The Quietus Make a Tom waits swordfishtrombones.

Swordfishtrombones has none of the strings and much less of the piano work that Waits ‘ previous albums had employed; instead, the dominant sounds on the record were low-pitched horns, bass instruments, and percussion, set in spare, close-miked arrangements most of them by Waits that sometimes were better described as “soundscapes. Dave the Butcher Tom Waits.