I have loved this series from the beginning, I cannot wait to see what happens next. I didn’t even bother wondering what was going to happen, I just ended up reading it, and accepting what was coming. For more information, visit: It wasn’t realistic having these gorgeous boys claim to love Summer, at the same time, without it being clear or coming across what it was that was so spectacular about her. Rights have been sold for translations into Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese. I’ve always liked her as a character but this being in love with two hot guys, possibly three is wearing on me. Some readers will be angry and hurt but it only shows how much people have fallen in love with some people in the book.

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I think she should stay single for a while. Let me introduce them. I hope she ends up goww Drew: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Refresh and try again. It was a very short, light read, perfect for the beach. Once I start a series I am with it until the end Drew’s loving summer kailin gow playboy who no one takes seriously. Okay I understand you love them both, but she is the most annoying heroine I have ever encountered. In this case it felt like an easy way out.

Summer’s Landing

I did love the first book,and I love the story right away. Serena Singleton was the beautiful up and coming talent brought to the attention of the eccentric, famous, and wildly wealthy Sebastian Sorenson, one of the foremost loving summer kailin gow most talented composers in Hollywood and in the Academics lovign. In the end, it is Xummer happiness we want, and that makes sense.


I smiled back at her. The cover fit the theme of this book just right, with a girl and guy holding hands in front of a setting sun. View all 3 comments. He is the oldest of the bunch. He had loving summer kailin gow been her rock, had always Summer Jones thought she lost Nat Donovan, the boy she had always had a crush on since she could remember, when he went off on a mission to find his father, the founder and CEO of Donovan Dynamics, the billion dollar security and intelligence corporation who is now protecting her from the stalker who has attempted to kill her twice.

I had to go back and reread book 4 so I could get in my right mind when it comes to Summer, Nate and Drew and where the love triangle ended with Secrets of the Fall.

As mentioned before, her back kailkn forth between each guy made me want to rip my hair out. But once he spends a little time with Summer he’s starting to really fall for her. But I decided to give it 3 stars after all.

Loving Summer – Kailin Gow Blog

Summer loving summer kailin gow the Donovans have not seen each other for three years, but because of a family crisis, they are thrown together at Summer’s Aunt’s beach house in M I’m excited to have an ARC copy of Loving Summer, which I received as part of a teacher’s beta group from the publisher. She is also an award-winning woman director, producer, writer, and actress having won over 24 Film Awards and 47 Nominations. Now there are 2 films planned and being produced by an award-winning women-friendly film production company.


I love how Loving Summer is actually Summer looking back at the summer her entire life changes. Summer was dating this guy, Astor? She still crushes on Nat but somewhere along the line becomes aware of Drews feelings as well. No trivia or quizzes yet. It is a quick read not quite pages. Trivia About Summer’s Landing Summer is such a loving person that makes the people around her want to be better. He’s the responsible older brother, and it’s not until near the end of the book that the reader learns all of the things he’s been dealing loving summer kailin gow, which only makes him more attractive.

She doesn’t deserve either of them. They never thought things would change as much as they did