I enjoy writing, and see this blog not only as a way of enhancing my music knowledge, but also of learning how people write and make their writing interesting. That’s appropriate, but it’s not the one I want; that one had a whole section devoted to leet. See more at Flickr. Please sign in or sign up. Nearly choking on a loose bristle, I called my sister. Is there anyone under the age of 25 who doesn’t like this song and is prepared to say so?

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English has always been a live language, growing shoulers developing regardless of what is considered polite. Here are the instructions on how to disable your ad blocker: Actually, I don’t think it’s hard to review or rate at all. Serious review of The Very Hungry Caterpillar? I’m pretty sure mine are. On one hand it is child like and simple and very disposable We’ve detected that your browser isn’t showing ads.

She probably talks like that because it’s engaging, coherent and makes logical sense.

K.I.G – ‘Head, Shoulders, Kneez and Toez’

Complain about this comment Comment number 1. It will be interesting to see what this song does I have a job and rent a flat and have a serious girlfriend and all that stuff, and probably have no business being a smart alec on a blog about the charts.


I have to agree curtains. Believe it or not, these are actually good things to aim for when communicating.

BBC – Chart Blog: K.I.G – ‘Head, Shoulders, Kneez and Toez’

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I’d also like to add that, at no point have I commented on the way you “talk”, Nosheen, simply on what you have said. It’s sexualizing something that was made for 3 year olds! Kig head shoulders knees and toes Click the AdBlock button on the top right of your browser’s toolbar and select Don’t run on pages on this domainand then hit Exclude to finish.

You must be logged in to comment. Now we’ve fallen into the pit of discourse analysis, would I be a bad person to link to Stephen Fry’s article on why he loves [and uses] T speak? After all, it requires dance moves that you learnt when you were five and even the less rhythmically-inclined will be able to follow see if you can guess them, I bet you canmaking it easier to dance to than even ‘Kung Fu Fighting’. The reason you people dunt like songs like heads shoulders knees and toes are becoz yur all OLD lol nd these sorts of songs are for teens yur all like over I could not stop smiling when I was listening to it!


K.I.G.:Head, Shoulders, Kneez & Toez Lyrics | LyricWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

OK, Nosh, I like what you’re saying here. Complain about this comment Comment number 6. Nearly choking on a loose bristle, I called my sister. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Subscribe to Chart Blog.

I even like rock. Well my nursery teacher did tell my mum I shoulsers 3 going on 30, but I think 50 is pushing it, don’t you??