Now imagine more than just one second. EmersonHerrmann Member Dec 17, It was new to me and I thought it was pretty cool. Quintillion would be interpreted as “gazillion”. Odin Member Dec 17, Kit Clement Premium Member Dec 17, The centers can rotate though.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. They weren’t wrong though, 43 quintillion is indeed greater than 3 billion. MTGjumper Member Dec 17, Joined Dec 10, Messages 2, Likes Imagine how many cubes there would be along that distance! I like this one. You are currently viewing our forum as a guest which gives you limited access to join discussions and access our other features.

If you are gabbasoft clone a member, simply login to hide this message and begin participating in the community! Garmon Member Dec 18, If you traveled the speed of light for years you still would not go through all those combinations.


I like this one [ It was new to me and I thought it was pretty cool. A few weeks ago I tried to explain gabbasoft clone big 43 quintillion was to these 40 year old pool players, and they just thought I was making things up on the spot. Thread starter Jason Baum Start date Dec 17, People can’t imagine a number as high as 43 quintillion, 3 billion is more believable.

Welcome to Just Cubing! : GabbaSoft Cube Simulator

Heh, I remember that commercial the one d4m4s74 posted. Sin-H Member Dec 17, Jason Baum Member Dec 17, Are you kidding me, very far off.

Ton Member Dec 17, Quintillion would be interpreted as “gazillion”. The gabbasoft clone of light ismiles per second.

How to Make A Skewb Ultimate on UMC

Wow, very interesting, and those cubes looked like gabbasoft clone moved decently well. Rubik’s Cube commercial from I can solve a 6x6x6 in under 15 minutes on gabbasoft, wonder how I’ll clons on V-Cube.


The centers can rotate though. Now imagine more than just one second.

Forums New posts Search forums. I said, “If you had a cube for every combination, and put them together side by side, there gabvasoft be about 20, in a mile.

Rubik’s Cube commercial from 1981

Speedcuber Member Dec 17, Kit Clement Gabbaslft Member Dec 17, EmersonHerrmann Member Dec 17, I recall Ideal Toys said gabbasoft clone 3 billion combinations” because anything bigger would sound like gibberish to most people. I remember not thinking much of it back when it was on TV maybe 2 years ago but now I’m a fully fledged speedcuber. Odin Member Dec 17,