Shows the mask size in pixels width x height. The second method is repair, which stems from where the first technique fails. This area should be somewhat larger than the logo in order to cover all its parts that might not be clearly visible. Therefore, deleted frames in the analysed video may lead to unwanted results even without specifying frame numbers! There are many things unused or not explained. To speed it up you can try to reduce the border depth, reduce Pixel aspect and check the Interlaced box. Though it could be tricky to make such masks, the filter also has an analyser that does all the work on your behalf.

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Unfortunately, it’s not all. Yes, the batch processing is fully supported. Specifies depth of the border area around pixels to be repaired.

DeLogo Filter for VirtualDub

If you think the 1.3.2 is too bright or too dark, you can try to move this slider a little to reduce that. The “area of interest” red means the area where the analyser should try to find the logo.

I always recommend to use the newest version of VirtualDub. New in DeLogo 1.

Though VirtualDub is primarily intended to edit video, since version 1. The delogo 1.3.2 should be painted anew based on the colors surrounding the opaque portion. You can use the same string as in the OnFrames edit box or be more specific i. Also the filenames and paths should be short enough to fit to the characters long configuration line at once.


In case of difference, the filter loads the mask delogo 1.3.2 it doesn’t use it.

All the other frames are just skipped. Though it could be tricky to make such masks, the filter also has an analyser deelogo does all delogo 1.3.2 work on your behalf. DeLogo filter features two logo removal techniques. This guide will not cover the video re-encoding delogo 1.3.2, but you can read a depogo reminder of how it’s done in our VirtualDub: A filter for VirtualDub whose main purpose is to remove static elements, i.

DeLogo Filter for VirtualDub – Download

The plugin embeds two removal schemes that can work together to erase stubborn elements, which are difficult to process using traditional methods. The “DeLogo” filter setup screen should now show up. Every continuous marked area is repaired independently on other areas and it has its own border which may occasionally re-use border pixels of other delogo 1.3.2. Empty field means all frames will be processed.

Read thoroughly the Mask reference and Controls reference sections to get full information about the filter. Subtracts the current frame statistics from analysis arrays. No thanks Submit review. Brave blocks delogo 1.3.2 content by default and keeps count. The analysis process can be done manually on a selected set of frames too. Deelogo Excellent 1.32. multi-format media player.


Using VirtualDub – Removing Logos – Page 2 of 3 | Articles – Digital Digest

The “unimportant” blue area contains pixels which are statistically analysed and used to create the Alpha and Color masks, but they are not used in calculating the coefficients making the Alpha and Color masks. When you’re happy with the results, press the “Close” button to close delogo 1.3.2 DeLogo window. Save this BMP as another file you can save over the original, but let’s keep it just in case we need to re-do the logo painting later on.

Specifies that even and odd lines of the video image should be processed separately. While it may be really tricky to create delogo 1.3.2 masks, DeLogo filter features even an analyser which can do all the work for you.

While for many cases there are much better tools delogo 1.3.2 do the same, the DeLogo filter is actually the only tool I know capable to remove unwanted elements from an image without a lot of editing. Powerfully private No more data charges to download unwanted content.

In conclusion, DeLogo provides a relatively non-complicated way to deal with logos and watermarks. Your download is ready!