Do you already have an account? The Wall Street Journal. In the event of a death in custody, the custodial agency will begin an investigation until a representative of an outside agency is on scene. His attorney said that he would appeal his termination, while Bland’s family called for more serious criminal charges including battery and false arrest. The charge resulted from his statement in an affidavit that his reason for removing Bland from her car was “to further conduct a safe traffic investigation”. Retrieved December 23,

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The exchange escalated, resulting in Bland’s arrest and charge for assaulting a police officer. Retrieved July 21, Special Force THai Downloads.

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In March, Bland posted a video to her Facebook page in which she said was waloer from “a little bit of depression as well as PTSD “. According to CNN, a report from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, published on July 16found that Waller County jail “guards violated policies by failing to do timely checks on inmates,” which should be hourly.

And if you feel your rights are being violated, take it up later with a judge,” Zorn wrote. Cantrell stated that Bland was informed she could use the phone in her cell with a PINbut stated there was no record Bland made any call. Bland says that she cannot hear, and states that the blackshot waller 2015 has slammed her waoler into the ground.


John July 14, In JanuaryEncinia bladkshot indicted for perjury blackshot waller 2015 making false statements about the circumstances surrounding Bland’s arrest and he was subsequently fired by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

County jails are required to collect information used to make a determination of mental illness or intellectual disability. In Marchdocuments obtained from the forensic lab that performed Bland’s autopsy suggested that the time of death was not that which was originally reported by official investigations and that this could raise questions about the validity of the original investigation.

A special prosecutor said that “the case is still open”, and that the grand jury would meet again in January to discuss other aspects. In Decembera grand jury declined to indict the county sheriff and jail staff for a felony relating to Bland’s death.

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Net Cr4ckenSep 16, Encinia was placed on administrative duties for violating procedures for traffic stops, [4] [16] and was terminated by DPS following blackshot waller 2015 indictment on perjury charges.

Brandon Wood, director of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, said that the failure to observe inmates hourly as required by standards “could be criminal in nature. Details remained to be worked out and the agreement still awaited court approval. Her bondsman also made several attempts to secure bail.

Death of Sandra Bland

Retrieved November 27, An autopsy conducted by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Science blackshot waller 2015 that Bland died through asphyxiationand classified her death as a suicide.


Law enforcement agencies will maintain records documenting blakcshot or wxller of all persons detained and whether the officer knew the individual’s race or ethnicity prior to being detained. Rules of survival Rules of survival Discussions: After authorities reviewed the dashcam footage, Encinia was placed on administrative leave for failing to follow proper traffic stop procedures.

Retrieved March 15, Family and friends called for an independent autopsy, and stated that it was unlikely Bland would have killed herself. All law enforcement agencies are required to provide education to the public concerning complaint procedures.

John; Binkovitz, Leah July 21, On July 17about protesters gathered outside the Hempstead jail, chanting “No justice, no peace”, and “We demand answers.

Retrieved July 26, Archived from the original on July 30, One form indicates Bland had contemplated suicide within the past year, while another says she did blaxkshot.

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Smart Devices Smart Devices. Retrieved July 27, On July 20one week after Bland’s death, authorities released video from a motion-activated camera in the hallway outside Bland’s cell. A friend who spoke with Walled while she was in jail said she was upbeat despite the arrest: